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The publication of information is the antithesis of privacy. Without publication, much information would remain permanently private and never be known to many others who might be interested. Thus there is a balance between publication of information which may be of interest to others and the need and right of individuals to privacy.

The overwhelming majority of information in this web-site is about people who are dead and who no longer have personal needs for privacy. Further, it is information which will be of interest to a number of living persons. In some few instances, living persons may be identified in information which is primarily about a deceased person; for example information about a deceased person may include information about that person's children; generally it will be limited to recognition that the children exist and sometimes a name and/or other limited information may be used. Such information would be information that has been published elsewhere (e.g. in newspaper death notices) or similar sources. It is not intended to publish any information which is not otherwise available from other sources. Further, even if information is available from other sources, it is not intended to publish information which may cause hurt or embarrassment to any living person nor information which damages any person's right to privacy.

Should it be considered that any information contravenes any individual's right to privacy, then it is requested that an e-mail be sent to Family History Index Administration providing relevant information so that the concerns may be addressed. Follow this link to send an e-mail to Family History Index administration .

Persons who submit entries are entitled to be identified as such. Contribuotrs' e-mail addresses were previously published but addresses have been withdrawn due to abuses. However persons who submit entries are required to provide contact information which will be held confidentially. This contact information provides a way of contacting the person who initially provided the information if it is desirable or necessary to modify information included in the Index.

Where a person requests contact with a contributor, the request will be forwarded to the contributor, where possible, so that the contributor may respond or not respond as he/she chooses.

Confidential personal information which is in the possession of Family Origins network but is not intended for publication, remains private and is not releasedto any other person or organisation. Information is not used for marketing or unsolicited contact purposes. It will, however, be made available if legally required by valid legislation or valid court order. Family Origins network is a registered business name in New South Wales, a state of Australia, and is subject to the laws of both the State of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia.

If urgent changes are requested or if you wish to make other comments, you are invited to contact the Index administration. Follow this link to send an e-mail to Family History Index administration .




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