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Due to excessive spam, e-mail contact information is subject to change. E-mail must contain the current password somewhere in the "subject" line of the message in order to penetrate the spam filter.

The current password is "rose".

You may send an e-mail to But your e-mail will be deleted unless it includes the current password in the "subject" of the e-mail.

For example, when you write an e-mail, the top might appear something like this:

From :
To : 
Subject :    information about Marjorie Collins - rose
I am writing to in regard to information about ......  


You are invited to e-mail but make sure you include the current password somewhere in the subject of the e-mail. Any inconvenience is regretted and experienced e-mail users will appreciate the need for this measure in order to reduce spam while permitting access for legitimate e-mail communication.


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